Organic and inorganic colour pigments are the two primary categories of colour pigments. Iron oxide, cadmium-based pigments, chrome pigments, and a variety of other sources are used to divide the market for inorganic colour pigments
Chrome pigments are manufactured primarily from lead compounds and have a myriad of qualities including,

Strong colour fastness
Higher proportion,
Making them ideal for paints and coatings, polymers, vulcanised, detergents and soaps, porcelain, and polishes.

North America and other developed regions controlled the market for chrome pigments at first, but this is changing due to increased environmental rules regarding inorganic pigments.

The preparation of chrome pigments necessitates a vast number of minerals. They are made industrially by precipitating lead salts with chromate or bi-chromate solution; nevertheless, dangerous heavy metals like lead are acquired as waste or by-products.

Chrome pigments are useful for applications such as paints and coatings due to their features such as great colour strength.

In recent years, the global demand for paints and coatings in architectural paints and corrosion paints has risen. Rapid urbanisation and other infrastructure upgrades are to blame for this growing tendency. As a result, it would aid the growth of the chrome pigment industry in emerging economies. Because of their colour fastness and durability, chrome pigments are used in printing inks, polymers.

Light yellow chrome pigment, medium chrome pigment, primrose chrome pigment, lemon chrome pigment, and scarlet chrome pigment are the product segments that make up the chrome pigment market. Lemon chrome pigment, which is greenish yellow in hue and has around 20% to 40% sulphate, is used in a variety of industries, but mostly as a painting reagent. Lemon chrome pigment is good for coatings and PVC leather because of its excellent weather resistance.

Scarlet chrome pigment is made from lead chromate that includes just trace amounts of sulphate. It can be found in printing inks and paints.

The monoclinic structure of middle chromium pigment gives it a reddish-yellow colour. It’s often used in coatings and PVC leather because of its weather resilience.

Primrose chrome is a pale yellow pigment. It contains between 44 and 55 percent lead sulphate, and its primary applications are paints and inks.

Chrome pigments have qualities that make them useful in a variety of applications.

Because of the low cost of chrome pigments and the lack of rigorous environmental rules in the region, chrome pigments are likely to have a constant or rising trend in Asian countries.

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