Inorganic pigments or chrome pigments as they are also known are produced with the use of inorganic, heavy chemicals, which is how the pigments get their name. There are several industries that make extensive use of the inorganic range of pigments such as the paints, inks and plastic industries. Since the pigments are inorganic and made with the use of heavy metals, the uses of the pigments are mainly in areas such as for road marking paints, exterior paints for buildings and structures or for master batches of plastic grains. Interestingly, the master batch makers of plastic grains have the highest demand for quality oriented and globally trusted manufacturers of inorganic pigments in India as well as in other countries across the globe.

There are several products such as lemon or middle chrome in the range of inorganic pigments which are extremely high in demand in the paint industry. Particularly, the paint that is used for road marking, makes use of products such as lemon or middle chrome from among the products included in the inorganic pigment range. One major reason for the great demand of inorganic pigments in the road
marking paint is due to the fact that the pigment is cost effective and proves to be a viable alternative as compared to the other costlier options available. Most road marking paint manufacturers opt for lemon chrome or middle chrome pigments from manufacturers that have the backing of experience and work in a quality and service oriented manner.

Inorganic pigments also include the anti-corrosive category of pigments which are used in the coating of pipes that need to be protected from corrosion. The pigments manufactured using zinc chromate, zinc tetroxy chromate or zinc phosphate are greatly in demand for use in pipes that have to transport gases, liquids and semi-solids. The pigment type helps in keeping the pipe surfaces free of corrosion and in turn
helps in keeping the functionality of the pipes optimal even after prolonged use. It is important that the most trusted and reliable inorganic pigments are used for the anti-corrosive coating, which is why it helps to obtain the pigments from certified and experienced manufacturers only. The product that is most commonly and popularly used for the anti-corrosive coating solution is scarlet chrome, which gives
the red appearance to the finished product and which is commonly seen on most pipes used for purposes such as in the creation of fire safety systems.

Inorganic pigments also find extensive use for painting the exteriors of buildings and other structures. Most buildings are coated with paints made using inorganic pigments because of the excellent light fastness that the pigments offer. The pigments are able to stand strong in the face of heat, light, wind and rain, which makes it an ideal choice for long lasting exterior paint used in construction projects. No
matter, what the use of the inorganic pigment is, it is important that it is procured from the most trusted and internationally acclaimed manufacturer to be able to attain the most desired results.

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