The dyes and pigment manufacturing companies are poised for a new growth in Asia. The business shift from Western countries towards low cost development in Asia is the primary reason for this migration. But what’s more important is the delivery of quality products that marks the rise of Asian manufacturers particularly India. Low cost is not the only factor for this shift.

We offer other critical reasons that make Asia a better hub for producing quality pigments for a slew of other industries worldwide.

Mandatory qualities defining high-grade pigment production

While India boosts of many small and big manufacturers, there are a handful few who meet global client requirements. We all know pigments are vital to our daily life and why the right shades empower products ranging from textiles, cosmetics, paint, paper F & B and Pharma. This market is largely triggered by the need for coloring in the above industries to enhance their product values. They are valuable for coatings and printing inks which have versatile applications. Worldwide, the textile industry is the largest consumer for dyes and pigments. The Asia Pacific regions offers the best services, solutions and product customization.

Clients opt for vendors who deliver:

1. Wide range of pigments and dyes with multiple usage.
2. Technical expertise and professionals who understand industry trends.
3. Ideal pricing for customized colors and texture.
4. Good quality is adjudged by tests conducted before manufacturing.
5. Tests are important to sign the deal for the product production.
6. Timely packaging and delivery to the client.
7. Optimal customer service and support.

Manufacturers who adhere to government regulations and environmental policies are recognized as ideal service providers.

Latest production technologies

In Europe and western countries, environmental policies are more stringent and production expenses are mounting. In the Asia-Pacific region, manufacturers continue to follow international protocols to provide lower costs. Production technologies have improved in India. The manufacturers use the best equipment, infrastructure and automated systems to produce a flurry of pigments and dyes. It attracts more clients to do business in the sub-continent. The demand for reactive dyes and Pigments have increased due to good quality of product generation. The cheap labor and lowered operational costs bring more business. Being eco-friendly and affordable are other reasons why Indian manufacturers are preferred. Industries like paper, leather, cosmetics and textiles will always require the services of such manufacturers.

As the demands grow, this industry is likely to be worth USD 99 billion by 2021.

Which Asian manufacturer should y
ou do business with?

Since there are plenty of low cost manufacturers, it is best to have specific criteria to deal with the best vendors for your customized requirement. A company that has several services and product generation under a single hub is the ideal threshold. Look for an experienced lab which offers:

• Organic and inorganic pigments
• Food dyes and lake colors
• Dyes for soaps and detergents
• Phthalocyanine pigment
• Basic Dyestuffs
• Direct dyes
• Resist salt
• Solvent Dyesc
• Fluorescent dyes
• Plastic dyes

Manufacturers of Food Colours who follow the latest standards devised by FDA, European Commission for testing food colors and JECFA are preferred for business. They have certifications that are exhibited on the website.

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