Alliance Organics LLP is a Large Scale Manufacturer of Reactive Dyes at their plant in VAPI. Our Plant is ZDHC Level 3 Certified and our Reactive Dyes are GOTS version 6 and Eco Passport Certified

Allozol ‘RGB’ Dyes

Reactive ‘RGB’ Dyes containing vinyl sulphonate group as a reactive radical. These dyes are bifunctional reactive dyes which are featuring more than two different reactive groups within one molecule.

The main characteristics of these dyes are :-

  • They are completely dischargeable.
  • Most suitable for white & colour resist.
  • The unfixed hydrolysed dye has no affinity for cellulose hence no tinting of white ground printing.
  • High fixability since more than two radicals are bonded covalently resulting in an increasing dyeing yield.
  • High solubility.
  • Most suitable for one bath pad batch dyeing method using sodium silicate as an alkali.
  • Most suitable for two phase pad bath method using sodium silicate as an alkali in printing.
Reactive ‘RGB’ Dyes Shade
Solubility Exhaust Dyeing Printing Padding Light 1\1
Washing ISO-3 Perspiration Hypochlorite Dischargeability
Reactive Yellow RGB
100 S S S 5-6
5 4-5 1-2 D
Reactive Red RGB
100 S S S 5
4-5 4 2-3 ND
Reactive Blue RGB
100 S S S 5
4-5 4 1-2 D
Reactive Black RGB
150 S S S 4-5
4-5 4-5 1-2 MD
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