Alliance Organics is a foremost reactive dyes manufacturer, supplier as well as producer which offers a range of Reactive Dyes for Cotton Fabrics viz Mercerized Cotton and Hosiery. Being a top manufacturing company in India, our offerings are exported across several countries. Namely, USA, China, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil are the few major countries which top the list. Amongst other reactive dyes manufacturers in India, we manufacture high quality reactive dyes that are suitable for dyeing, padding & printing of all types of cellulosic material.

Reactive ‘RGB’ Dyes containing vinyl sulphonate group as a reactive radical. These dyes are bifunctional reactive dyes which are featuring more than two different reactive groups within one molecule.

The main characteristics of these dyes are :-

They are completely dischargeable.

Most suitable for white & colour resist.

The unfixed hydrolysed dye has no affinity for cellulose hence no tinting of white ground printing.

High fixability since more than two radicals are bonded covalently resulting in an increasing dyeing yield.

High solubility.

Most suitable for one bath pad batch dyeing method using sodium silicate as an alkali.

Most suitable for two phase pad bath method using sodium silicate as an alkali in printing.

Solubility Exhaust Dyeing Printing Padding Light 1\1
Washing ISO-3 Perspiration Hypochlorite Dischargeability
  Reactive Yellow RGB
100 S S S 5-6
5 4-5 1-2 D
  Reactive Red RGB
100 S S S 5
4-5 4 2-3 ND
  Reactive Blue ‘RGB’
100 S S S 5
4-5 4 1-2 D
  Reactive Black RGB
150 S S S 4-5
4-5 4-5 1-2 MD
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