Alliance Organics LLP is a Large Scale Manufacturer of Reactive Dyes at their plant in VAPI. Our Plant is ZDHC Level 3 Certified and our Reactive Dyes are GOTS version 6 and Eco Passport Certified

Allofix Printing dyes

Printing dyes or Hot dyes. These Reactive Dyestuffs are used for Printing on Cellulose textiles.


  • They are very significant economical.
  • Their simplicity and reliability in application.
  • The low cost production of a wide range of shades with good all round fastness.
  • Temperature: 60°C
  • Solubility: Categorized into cold, warm, and hot dyes based on the anchor groups
  • Steaming is used to fix the dye at 100-150°C

Reactive Printing dyes react with cellulosic fibre in the presence of alkali and under the influence of heat.

Process of Printing H Dyes on Cellulosic Fiber.



Conventional thickening such as starch, guar gum etc. are not recommended because they react with the dye and produce prints of harsh feel, lower fastness and staining of the ground fabric. Sodium Alginate alone or in combination with an emulsion is highly recommended. An addition of sequestering agent (for example Sodium Hexametaphosphate) is recommended to improve the flow properties of the print-paste.

Sodium Alginate Stock Thickening

It is prepared by slow addition of 40 parts of sodium alginate (Manutex Rs) to 960 parts of cold water under high speed stirrer till homogeneous paste is obtained.

Preparation of Print Paste

Dye 10-60 parts
Urea 40-80 parts
Water 300 parts
Alginate-Thickening 400 parts
Resist Salt 10 parts
Sodium-Bicarbonate 15-30 parts
Bulk 1000 parts


The printed goods are carefully dried and steamed for development of the dye. Steaming can be done in conventional steamers like Star Ager, Rapid Ager etc. Steaming is done at 100-102°C for 5 mins In Rapid Ager and for 15-20 mins In Star Ager.

Reactive ‘Printing’ Dyes Shade Solubility 60oC Substantivity Reactivity
Light 1\1 Washing ISO-4 Perspiration Hypochlorite Fixation Temp
Allofix Yellow P8G
Reactive Yellow P8G Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 60 M L
5 4-5 4 1-2 80oC
Allofix Yellow P4G
(Reactive Yellow 18)
Reactive Yellow P4G 18 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 100 L M
6-7 4-5 4-5 1 80oC
Allofix G. Yellow PR
(Reactive Orange 12)
Reactive G. Yellow PR Orange 12 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 100 M M
6 4-5 5 2-3 80oC
Allofix Orange P2R
(Reactive Orange 13)
Reactive Orange P2R 13 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 M M
4-5 5 4-5 4 80oC
Allofix Red P2B
(Reactive Red 24)
Reactive Red P2B 24 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 M M
5 4-5 3-4 1-2 80oC
Allofix Red P3B
(Reactive Red 45)
Reactive Red P3B 45 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 100 M L
5 4-5 4-5 4 80oC
Allofix Red P6B
(Reactive Red 76)
Reactive Red P6B 76 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 H L
4 4 4-5 2 80oC
Allofix Red P8B
(Reactive Red 31)
Reactive Red P8B 31 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 M L
4-5 4 4 3-4 80oC
Allofix Magenta PB
(Reactive Red 14)
Reactive Magenta PB Red 14 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 M L
4-5 4 3-4 1 80oC
Allofix Purple P3R
(Reactive Violet)
Reactive Purple P3R Violet Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 M L
6-7 5 2-3 4 80oC
Allofix Red Br. P4R
(Reactive Brown 9)
Reactive Red Br. P4R Brown 9 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 M L
4-5 4 3 1 80oC
Allofix Blue P5G
(Reactive Blue 25)
Reactive Blue P5G 25 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 H M
5 5 4-5 3-4 90oC
Allofix T. Blue PA
(Reactive Blue 71)
Reactive T. Blue PA 71 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 H M
6 4 4 2-3 90oC
Allofix Blue PGR
(Reactive Blue 5)
Reactive Blue PGR 5 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 50 M M
5-6 4-5 5 3-4 80oC
Allofix Blue P3R
(Reactive Blue 49)
Reactive Blue P3R 49 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 100 H M
5 4-5 4 2 80oC
Allofix Blue P5RH
(Reactive Blue 13)
Reactive Blue P5RH 13 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 80 M L
5-6 4-5 4 2-3 80oC
Allofix Black PN
(Reactive Blue 8)
Reactive Black PN Blue 8 Manufacturer Supplier Exporter 40 L M
6 4-5 4-5 4-5 80oC
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