Alliance Organics is a foremost reactive dyes manufacturer, supplier as well as producer which offers a range of Reactive Dyes for Cotton Fabrics viz Mercerized Cotton and Hosiery. Being a top manufacturing company in India, our offerings are exported across several countries. Namely, USA, China, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil are the few major countries which top the list. Amongst other reactive dyes manufacturers in India, we manufacture high quality reactive dyes that are suitable for dyeing, padding & printing of all types of cellulosic material.

ALLOZOL SD Dyes offer the following advantages :-

Cost-effectiveness, excellent build-up

High exhaustion, high fixation

Excellent levelling properties

High color yield


Versatile application

Excellent compatibility

Excellent fastness properties

Reliable reproducibility : "Right First Time"

Environmental friendly leading to less waste water treatment

Solubility Exhaust Dyeing Printing Padding Light 1\1
Washing ISO-3 Perspiration Hypochlorite Dischargeability
  Reactive Yellow SD2G
100 S S NS 5-6
5 5 2 D
  Reactive Yellow SD
100 S S S 5
5 4-5 1-2 D
  Reactive Orange SD2R
100 S S S 5
4-5 4 2 ND
  Reactive Red SD3Y
100 S S S 4-5
5 4-5 3-4 ND
  Reactive Red SD3B
100 S S S 5
5 4-5 3-4 ND
  Reactive Navy SD*
150 S S S 4-5
4-5 4-5 2 D
  Reactive Dark Blue
150 S S S 4-5
4-5 4-5 1-2 D
  Reactive Black SD**
150 S S S 4-5
4-5 4-5 1-2 D
  Reactive Black SD2R**
150 S S S 4-5
4-5 4-5 1-2 D
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