Company Overview

  • Alliance Organics LLP is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with expertise across the industry known as acclaimed manufacturers and exporters of high quality Dyestuffs, Pigments and Food Colors. Reactive Dyes, Inkjet Dyes, Basic Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes and Solvent Dyes, Alliance Organics is a manufacturer for one and all. Being a pigment manufacturer in India, our production plants are located in Ahmedabad, Vapi and Lote. Committed to quality, performance, customer satisfaction and timely delivery, we are equipped with a state of the art Technical Service Lab in Mumbai, which employees modern equipments to cater to client requirements of a varying range of tests.
  • Our product portfolio includes
    • > Dyestuffs viz Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Basic Dyes and Dyes for Soap & Detergent.
    • > Pigments viz Organic Pigments, Phthalocyanine Pigments and Inorganic Pigments
    • > Food Coloring viz Synthetic Food Colors & Lake Food Colors
  • As a client centric organization, we have addressed critical areas like supplying Consistent Quality, Timely Delivery, Export Worthy Packing and Of Course Competitive Prices Striving for excellence, we maintain a transparent, productive and motivated workplace that ensures employee and client satisfaction.


Our corporate vision is to embrace a new paradigm of technological advancements that enable us

  • To identify potential customers
    and their requirements.
  • To provide premium customer
    service across the globe.
  • To assess customer
  • To offer a wide range of products and
    services to our existing and future customers
    through an open door policy

We honour our word to ensure that our clients get the best within their budget and as per schedule.


To lead the industry in delivering value for ourselves and our customers, with strict adherence to standards, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our Achievements

Alliance Organics is honoured to be recognized by some of the most important and influential organizations in the industry.

While we strive for a better performance with innovation and teamwork, our quality products and standard defining processes, have enabled us to accomplish even the most challenging milestones in our experience.

  • Chemexcil Certificate
  • Chemexcil Certificate
  • Chemexcil Certificate

Why Alliance?

Alliance Organics is a top manufacturing company for dyes pigments. Not just manufacturers but also exporters, producers and suppliers, we have an international reach and export our products globally. USA, China, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil are our major international trade partners.We are committed towards quality, accuracy and innovation. This organization stands at the forefront in the delivery of quality Dyestuffs, Pigments & Food Colors catering to different industrial requirements. Our clientele like us, are dedicated to addressing the needs of the people with accuracy and innovation, aiming to excel in the national and international market.

  • State-Of-The
    Art Technology
  • Ethical Business
  • High Quality
  • Superior After
    Sales Service
  • Experienced
  • Recognition In
    International Market
  • Customization
  • Use Of Advanced
  • Timely
  • Customized
  • Competitive

Our Team

A successful team is built upon trust, professionalism and a vision among all. The team at Alliance works in complete unity towards the success of the enterprise. We possess the required zeal and passion to achieve collaboration and efficiency to manufacture quality products and deliver superior services to the industry.

of our Team

  • Quality

  • Raw material
    procuring agents

  • Technical

  • R & D

  • Sales & marketing


As pioneers in the field, we possess the functional and knowledge capabilities to serve a global audience. Our extensive network is strategically connected and widespread, to deliver fast, efficient and effective service to reduce latency and increase overall reliability, diversity and connectivity.

Working in close coordination with the management, we deliver high quality results within a stipulated time frame and as per budgetary norms.

Quality Assurance

At Alliance Organics, we pledge towards achieving quality with every project. Ensuring quality standards, every process undergoes stringent checks at all levels of production. With world class knowledge and experience, we aim to perform and exceed with every new endeavour, while maintaining quality as top priority. Each project is supported with a series of processes and tests conducted by quality analysts:

Raw Material Analysis

Raw material utilised in the manufacturing process, is of superior quality, procured only from trusted vendors. After procurement, the material is tested in the testing labs.

  • The purity of the raw material is checked by conducting volumetric analysis.

  • Dye- It is prepared at laboratory scale


The products are checked and tested on the following parameters

  • Temperature

  • Time

  • PH

  • Volume control

Tests Conducted

The following tests are conducted to ensure the quality products

  • Diazotisation Test

  • Cynuration Test

  • Condensation Test

  • Salt Content Analysis - Salt free solution after R.O. process

  • Coupling Test

Spray Dried Powder

For the assurance of the quality and standards in context to the physical appearance, the product also undergoes the following tests:

  • Anti-dusting

  • PH

  • Filtration Test

  • Solubility


The strength and tone of the product is tested through application of the following tests:

  • Color Computer Output

  • Reflectance Value

  • Transmittance Value

  • Draw /down test - for pigment powders

Post Packaging

The products are checked once again, just before the dispatch and given a random check after packaging. They are then evaluated for 15 to 20% of weight size.

Global Presence

Alliance Organics has carved a niche for itself in the global markets, with products that are widely appreciated and applauded by a large number of clients. Our reach in the national and international markets has reached the

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