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What are Acid Dyes?

Acid dyes are a type of synthetic dyes that are commonly used to dye protein fibers such as wool, silk, and nylon. They are called Acid Dyes because they are soluble in acidic solutions.

Acid dyes manufactured by Alliance Organics LLP work by forming a chemical bond with the protein fibers, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors. These dyes are highly efficient and can dye fibers quickly, making them a popular choice in the textile industry.

One of the key benefits of Acid Dyes is their versatility. They can be used to create a wide range of colors and shades, from bright and bold to more muted and subtle hues. Additionally, Acid Dyes are highly resistant to fading, making them an ideal choice for products that will be exposed to sunlight or other environmental factors.

What are the different types of Acid Dyes?

1. Acid Dyes or Acid Milling Dyes

These are water soluble dyes by Alliance Organics LLP that are used to dye wool, silk and nylon fibers. They have good light and wash fastness and can produce bright, vivid colors.

2. Mordant Acid Dyes

These dyes are used in combination with metal salts (called mordants) to improve their wash and light fastness. They are commonly used to dye silk and wool.

3. Triphenylmethane Dyes

These are a class of Acid Dyes by Alliance Organics LLP that produce bright, vibrant colors, and are commonly used to dye silk, wool, and nylon fibers and also non textile applications.

4. Pre-metallised Acid Dyes

These dyes are also known as metal complex dyes, and are classified into two types i.e. 1:1 Metal Complex Dyes and 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes.

  • 1:1 Metal Complex Dyes
  • These dyes have a 1:1 ratio of dye to metal, and are used to dye protein fibers like wool and silk, leather and wood stains.

    They produce bright and vivid colors with a good wash and light fastness.

  • 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes
  • These dyes have a 1:2 ratio of dye to metal, and are used to dye synthetic fibers like nylon, leather and wood stains.

    They have excellent wash and light fastness and can produce a wide range of colors.

Uses of Acid Dyeing

Non Textile application of Acid Dyes

Why Us?

We understand that our customers have unique requirements when it comes to Acid Dyes. That's why we work closely with each of our clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs. To ensure that our Acid Dyes meet our strict quality standards, we rigorously test every batch before it leaves our facility. Our quality control procedures include a variety of tests, including colorfastness, lightfastness, and stability tests, to ensure that our acid dyes perform consistently and reliably. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help meet your Acid Dye needs.

1:1 Metal Complex Dyes

Acid Yellow 99

Acid Orange 74

Acid Red 183

Acid Red 184

Acid Red 186

Acid Red 194

Acid Red 195

Acid Blue 158

Acid Black 52

1:2 Metal Complex Dyes

Acid Yellow 241

Acid Yellow 194

Acid Yellow 204

Acid Orange 142

Acid Red 357

Acid Red 362

Acid Violet 90

Acid Blue 193

Acid Brown 355

Acid Brown 365

Acid Brown 369

Acid Green 104

Acid Black 194

Acid Black 172

Acid Milling Dyestuffs

Acid Yellow 42

Acid Orange 56

Acid Red 97

Acid Red 151

Acid Dyes

Acid Yellow 17

Acid Yellow 23

Acid Yellow 36

Acid Yellow 110

Acid Orange 3

Acid Orange 7

Acid Orange 10

Acid Orange 116

Acid Red 1

Acid Red 14

Acid Red 18

Acid Red 52

Acid Red 57

Acid Red 73

Acid Red 88

Acid Red 114

Acid Red 119

Acid Red 131

Acid Red 249

Acid Blue 1

Acid Blue 7

Acid Blue 9

Acid Blue 15

Acid Blue 25

Acid Blue 45

Acid Blue 92

Acid Blue 93

Acid Blue 113

Acid Violet 17

Acid Violet 49

Acid Brown 14

Acid Brown 58

Acid Brown 75

Acid Brown 83

Acid Brown 98

Acid Brown 161

Acid Brown 165

Acid Brown 348

Acid Brown 349

Acid Brown 402

Acid Brown 434

Acid Green 1

Acid Green 16

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