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Basic Dyes

What are Basic Dyes?

Basic Dyes are further classified into

Auromine (Basic Yellow 2) comes under this class.

This dye is extensive used in the Paper Industry.

Malachite Green (Basic Green 4) and Magenta Powder, comes under this class.

These dyes have poor light fastness but extremely high tinctorial value thus make it very economical to use.

Methylene Blue (Basic Blue 9) comes under this class.

This dye is also used in stains. They have poor bleach fastness.

Rhodamine (Basic Violet 10) comes under this Class.

This dye is mainly used in Colouring Paper, Seed Colouring, Jute Dyeing, Incense sticks and Mosquito Coils.

Alliance Organics LLP is a big manufacturer of Basic Dyes in Powder Form and Basic Dyes in Liquid Form for Paper industry, Ink industry and Plastic industry

Basic Dyes Manufacturers in India

Our basic dyes have application in the paper industry. We manufacture basic dyes for paper. So we are the renowned manufacturer of paper dyes in India. Our Strong Products are listed below,

  • Malachite Green (Powder & Crystal)

  • Auramine 200%

  • Rhodamine B 540%

  • Basic Blue 26

  • Basic Violet 1

Basic Dyes in Powder Form

Auramine O

Basic Yellow 2

Bismarck Brown G

Basic Brown 1

Bismarck Brown R

Basic Brown 4

Methyl Violet

Basic Violet 1

Crystal Violet

Basic Violet 3

Ethyl Violet

Basic Violet 4

Rhodamine B

Basic Violet 10

Magenta Powder

Basic Violet 14

Brilliant Green

Basic Green 1

Malachite Green

Basic Green 4

Methylene Blue

Basic Blue 9

Victoria Blue

Basic Blue 26

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