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Food colours have become an essential component of the food industry because the appearance and presentation of food are critical factors in its consumption. In the present world, people tend to eat with their eyes first, and the visual appeal of food influences their decision to consume it.

What are Food Colours ?

Food manufacturers add food colours to enhance the appearance of food and beverages and make them more visually appealing. The colours used in food and drinks include red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and other shades. Food colours by Alliance Organics LLP are used in various food products, such as candies, baked goods, beverages, and processed foods.

What is Food Colour made of ?

Food colours can be made from either natural or synthetic ingredients. Natural food colours are derived from fruits, plants, and vegetables. Synthetic colours, on the other hand, are made from chemicals. The commonly used synthetic food colours produced by Alliance Organics LLP are Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 1. Natural food colours are obtained from sources like beet juice, turmeric, and spirulina.

Application of Food Colours in Non Food Applications

  • Food Colors can be used in Feed Industry
  • Food Colours can also be used as colourants in Pet Food
  • Food Colours are also used in writing inks for special applications
  • Food Colours are also used in Paper Industry

Are Food Colours Regulated ?

Various organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulate food colours. The FDA has implemented rigorous guidelines for manufacturers to follow to guarantee the safety of their products. Moreover, several countries have regulations which manufacturers must comply with to sell their products in those countries like US FDA and JEFCA Standards

Allocol Synthetic Food Colours

Quinoline Yellow 47005

E 104

Tartrazine 19140

E 102

Sunset Yellow FCF 15985

E 110

Erythrosine 45430

E 127

Ponceau 4R 16255

E 124

Allura Red 16035

E 129

Carmoisine 14720

E 122

Amaranth 16185

E 123

Chocolate Brown HT 20285

E 155

Brilliant Blue FCF 42090

E 133

Patent Blue V 42051

E 131

Black PN 28440

E 151

Red 2G 18050

E 129

Green S 44090

E 142

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