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Colourants for Seeds Manufacturers in India

Allocert range of Liquid Pigment Dispersions for Seeds are used for colouring the seeds with pesticides which is mandatory in most of the countries.

Colouration of Seeds are required for

  • Identification of a specific treatment or distinction between different seed varieties.
  • Colouration of Seeds also helps in Better monitoring of seed depth and spacing during sowing.
  • Colouring the Seeds help in Identification of original seeds via tagging with distinct colorants

Colourants and Dyes for Fertilizers

Colourants are added to Fertilizers to differentiate the different grade of fertilizers and also to differentiate between different application of fertilizers.

Water based Pigment Dispersions are used for colouring fertilizers.

Shade Product Name
  Pigment Red 112
  Pigment Red 48:2
  Pigment Blue 15:3
Shade Product Name
  Pigment Green 7
  Pigment Violet 23
  Pigment Yellow 1

Colourants and Dyes for Crop Protection

Wide Range of Acid Dyes, Solvent Dyes and Basic Dyes are used for colouring of pesticides.It is mainly dry mixing of colourants in the formulations.

Shade Product Name
  Allocert Red 3R
  Allocert Deep Red
  Allocert Violet R
  Allocert Green G
  Allocert Blue 3R
  Allocert Yellow MR
  Allocert Yellow R
Shade Product Name
  Allocert Pink BR
  Allocert Green R
  Allocert Blue MR
  Allocert T Blue GR
  Allocert Yellow G
  Allocert Lemon Yellow R