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Pigment dispersion refers to the even distribution of pigments in either a liquid or solid medium. Alliance Organics LLP is a leading manufacturer of pigment dispersion that aims to enhance the quality and features of pigments to make them more suitable for various uses.

What Are Pigment Dispersion?

Pigment dispersion is the process of evenly distributing pigments into a medium, such as water, oil, or polymer. This process is crucial to ensure that the pigments can be easily incorporated into a final product like paint, ink, or plastic. Improper dispersion of pigments can lead to clumping or agglomeration, resulting in uneven colouring and reduced performance.

To disperse pigments properly, Alliance Organics LLP follows a series of steps, including wetting, milling, and stabilizing. Wetting requires mixing pigments with a wetting agent, such as a surfactant, to reduce surface tension and enable uniform dispersion of the pigments. Milling involves subjecting the wetted pigments to mechanical shear forces to break up agglomerates and achieve a fine particle size. Stabilizing includes adding a stabilizing agent, like a polymeric dispersant, to prevent re-agglomeration and ensure long-term dispersion stability.

How Are Pigment Dispersion Manufactured?

At Alliance Organics LLP, the manufacturing pigment dispersion requires various techniques, which are dependent on the pigment type, its intended application, and the final product's desired properties. The most widely used methods include high-speed dispersing, bead milling, and ultrasonic dispersion.

1. High-speed dispersing

High-speed dispersing involves utilizing a high-speed mixer or homogenizer to break agglomerates and achieve a fine particle size. This is a quick and easy method that can be applied to a wide range of pigments, but it may not be suitable for pigments that are sensitive to heat or shear.

2. Bead milling

Bead milling employs beads made of glass or ceramic as grinding media to subject pigments to intense mechanical shear forces. It is a more controlled and precise method that can achieve a narrower particle size distribution and higher colour strength, but it may require specialized equipment and more time to accomplish.

3. Ultrasonic dispersion

Ultrasonic dispersion employs high-frequency sound waves to break up agglomerates and achieve a fine particle size. This method is gentle and energy-efficient, making it a suitable option for heat or shear-sensitive pigments. However, longer processing times and higher capital costs may be required.

Application Of Pigment Dispersion

Various industries utilize pigment dispersion by Alliance Organics LLP in several applications, such as:

1. Paints and Coatings

Producing top-notch paints and coatings with high colour strength, gloss, and durability requires pigment dispersion. Dispersed pigments by Alliance Organics LLP can be conveniently incorporated into a paint formulation, ensuring consistent colouring and hiding power.

2. Inks

To create high-quality inks that exhibit excellent colour reproduction, printability, and fastness properties, pigment dispersion is crucial. Dispersed pigments by Alliance Organics LLP can be easily incorporated into an ink formulation and offer vibrant and long-lasting colouring.

3. Plastics

Coloured plastics require pigment dispersion to exhibit excellent colour consistency, opacity, and light stability. Dispersed pigments by Alliance Organics LLP can be conveniently incorporated into a plastic formulation, resulting in a broad spectrum of colours and effects.

4. Seed Colouring

One of the largest application of Pigment Dispersion is coating on seeds

Why Us?

Pigment dispersion by Alliance Organics LLP finds extensive applications in different industries like paints and coatings, inks, plastics, and cosmetics, providing great colour strength, consistency, and stability. The process of uniformly dispersing pigments plays a crucial role in ensuring high-quality and consistent colouring, thus making it a critical aspect of producing diverse products.

Alliance Organics LLP, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of pigment dispersion solutions, offers exceptional products that deliver remarkable colour strength, consistency, and stability. Our team of experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable pigment dispersion solution that meets your specific application requirements. To explore our comprehensive range of products and services, get in touch with us today.

Allocron Pigment Dispersion

Allocron Azo Free Yellow

(Pigment Yellow 1)

Allocron Yellow 7G

(Pigment Yellow 3)

Allocron Yellow FG

(Pigment Yellow 12)

Allocron Azo Yellow KGX

(Pigment Yellow 74)

Allocron Azo Free Orange KR

(Pigment Orange 5)

Allocron Orange GR

(Pigment Orange 13)

Allocron Red FR

(Pigment Red 2)

Allocron Red BG

(Pigment Red 5)

Allocron Red FGR

(Pigment Red 8)

Allocron Bordeaux N

(Pigment Red 12)

Allocron Azo Free Red KD

(Pigment Red 23)

Allocron Red MB

(Pigment Red 48:2)

Allocron Azo Free Red K2B

(Pigment Red 112)

Allocron Pink R

(Pigment Red 122)

Allocron Red FRC

(Pigment Red 146)

Allocron Red M2B

(Pigment Red 210)

Allocron Blue FFG

(Pigment Blue 15:0)

Allocron Turq.Blue FBN

(Pigment Blue 15:3)

Allocron Green FB

(Pigment Green 7)

Allocron Violet FFR

(Pigment Violet 23)

Allocron Black FBR

(Pigment Black 7)

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