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Leather Dyes

What are Leather Dyes?

Leather dyes are colourants specifically designed to give leather its desired colour. These dyes consist of a blend of synthetic or natural colourants and solvents that enter the leather's pores to create a durable and long-lasting colour. A wide range of colours and formulas of leather dyes by Alliance Organics LLP are available, providing the ability to create various shades and hues.

Industries such as textiles, paper, leather, cosmetics, soap & detergent etc. have an extensive range of applications for TPM dyes. They are used to colour a broad spectrum of materials, including fabrics, yarns, paper products, plastics, and personal care products.

What is Leather Dyeing Process?

Leather dyeing is a process that adds colour to animal hides or skins, either manually or with the help of machines. The process of Leather Dyeing includes three main steps : Preparation, Dyeing, and Finishing.

Initially, the leather is cleaned, removing any unwanted dirt, oil, or grease present. After cleaning, the leather is soaked in water, making it more receptive to the dye. Following soaking, a special chemical solution is applied to the leather that opens up the pores of the leather, making it easier for the dye to penetrate.

Next, the dye is applied to the leather by immersing it in a dye bath or using a dyeing machine. The dye is then sprayed or rolled onto the leather surface. The amount of time the leather is soaked in the dye depends on the desired colour intensity.

After dyeing, the excess dye is removed by rinsing the leather. After that, the leather is dried and then undergoes the finishing process. In the finishing process, a protective coating is applied to the leather to prevent it from becoming damaged or discoloured.

Types of Leather Dyes?

At Alliance Organics LLP, we take pride in providing our customers with a diverse range of high-quality leather dyes. We understand that there are two main types of Leather Dyes : Synthetic and Natural. Synthetic dyes, which are made from chemical compounds, offer a broad spectrum of colours and are more durable than natural dyes. They are frequently used in the production of leather items such as shoes, handbags, and belts.

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Why Us?

We at Alliance Organics LLP offer Leather Dyes to cater to the different needs of our customers. Our synthetic dyes come in a wide range of colours and are highly durable, ensuring that your leather items will look good for a long time.

Our team of experts can help you choose the right dye for your leather products, ensuring that they look great and last for years to come. With Alliance Organics LLP, you can rest be assured that you are getting the best quality Leather Dyes in the market.

Leather goods production requires the use of Leather Dyes as they offer colour, protection, and longevity to leather products. At Alliance Organics LLP, our dedication is towards providing our clients with top-notch quality leather dyes that cater to their specific requirements. Contact us today to know more about our range of products and how we can assist you with your leather dyeing needs.

Leather Dyes

Acid Yellow 42

Acid Yellow 99

Acid Yellow 194

Acid Orange 3

Acid Orange 56

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Acid Red 97

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Acid Red 131

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Acid Blue 7

Acid Blue 15

Acid Blue 158

Acid Blue 193

Acid Green 16

Acid Green 111

Acid Brown 14

Acid Brown 75

Acid Brown 85

Acid Brown 106

Acid Brown 160

Acid Brown 161

Acid Brown 165

Acid Brown 188

Acid Brown 282

Acid Brown 365

Acid Brown 422

Acid Black 1

Acid Black 194

Acid Black 210

Acid Black 234

Direct Black 168

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