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Fluorescent Pigments

What are Fluorescent Pigments?

Pigments that emit fluorescent light combine with the normal reflected colour and tend to reinforce it to the extent that it appear to glow in the dark are Fluorescent Pigments.

Some Pigments have the property of exhibiting fluorescence by responding only to Ultraviolet radiation and their substances are said to be Ultraviolet Fluorescence.

Some Pigments will exhibit a strong Fluorescent effect either under ultraviolet or daylight illumination or a combination of both. These substances are called Daylight Fluorescent.

Manufacturing of Fluorescent Pigments

An Organic Dye capable of Fluorescence does not generally exhibit intense fluorescence in the solid state, a suitable matrix has to be prepared which will act as a vehicle for the dye. Generally, the dye is dissolved in a monomer solution which is then polymerized to form a solid solution. to reduce the possibility of photo-degradation, certain additives like ultraviolet screening agents are used.

New Type of Thermoplastic Fluorescent Pigments is based on a modified sulphonamide resin matrix.

Fluorescent Pigments Applications

These Pigments have applications in different types of Inks like Water based and Solvent-based Inks.

Paints and Coatings and Different Kinds of Plastics., Wax Crayons, Water Colours, etc.

Alliance Range of Fluorescent Pigments for Plastics, which is suitable in different types of plastics like Polyethylene,Polypropylene, Acrylics,
Polystyrene, and ABS Plastics.


  • Thermoplastic Polyamide Based Resin
  • Softening Point 125°C to 140°C
  • Heat stability 270°C to 290°C
  • Dispersion Easy Melting Type

Fluorescent Pigments

Lemon Yellow


Golden Yellow (Y)

Golden Yellow (R)

Orange (Y)

Orange (R)

Orange (M)

Red Orange


Pink (R)

Pink (2R)