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Solvent Dyes

Alliance Organics is a well-known solvent dyes manufacturer, producer as well as supplier. We give birth to Allosal Solvent dyes which are applicable in the Wax, Petroleum, Wood Coating, Varnishes, Ink and Plastic sector. Being a global exporter in the dyes industry, some of our international partners are countries like USA, China, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil. In the list of solvent dyes manufacturers we are a top manufacturing company for solvent dyes in India.

Solvent Yellow 2
Solvent Yellow 14
Solvent Yellow 33
Solvent Yellow 56
Solvent Yellow 62
Solvent Yellow 72
Solvent Yellow 82
Solvent Yellow 90
Solvent Orange 7
Solvent Orange 54
Solvent Orange 58
Solvent Orange 62
Solvent Orange 99
Solvent Orange 2
Solvent Red 8
Solvent Red 23
Solvent Red 24
Solvent Red 89
Solvent Red 119
Solvent Red 122
Solvent Red 127
Solvent Red 132
Solvent Red 207
Solvent Green 3
Solvent Green 7
Solvent Blue 4
Solvent Blue 35
Solvent Blue 36
Solvent Blue 38
Solvent Blue 48
Solvent Black 5
Solvent Black 7
Solvent Black 27
Solvent Black 29
Solvent Black 34
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