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Annatto Natural Colour, a vibrant pigment derived from the seeds of the achiote tree (Bixa orellana), is a popular food colouring agent used worldwide. The spectrum of Annatto Natural Colour extends from yellow to deep orange, depending on the form and concentration used. These colours are attributed to the carotenoids, bixin and norbixin, present in the seeds. Here, we delve into the different types of Annatto Natural Colour, their uses, benefits, and potential side effects.

The Achiote Tree and Annatto Seeds

The Bixa orellana or achiote tree is a tropical plant native to South and Central America. The tree produces spiky pods, which house the annatto seeds. These seeds are rich in bixin and norbixin, carotenoids responsible for their vibrant yellow-to-orange hues.

The Types of Annatto Natural Colour

Annatto Natural Colour is available in several forms, each with its unique properties and uses. These forms include:

Annatto Oil Soluble

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The Annatto Oil Soluble is a viscous, dark orange suspension. It is obtained through an alkaline aqueous extraction process, neutralized with inorganic acids, and suspended in non-GMO vegetable oil. The oil-soluble nature of AOS makes it an ideal colourant for oil-based products.

Annato Water Soluble Liquid

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Annatto Is derived from achiote seeds and is dark brown powder.

It is derived from extraction process which involves Alkaline Method, followed from neutralization with inorganics acid and atomization in alkaline Solution.

Annatto Nor Bixin Powder

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The Production of Annatto Nor Bixin is similar to Annatto Water soluble but involves drying and milling. Norbixin Powder has good solubility in hot alkali solution.

Determining the Suitable Type of Annatto Natural Colour

The selection of the appropriate type of Annatto Natural Colour depends on the product to be coloured and the desired appearance. For oil-based products like cheese, margarine, and snacks, the oil-soluble form is preferred. On the other hand, water-based products such as beverages, dairy products, and confectioneries benefit from the water-soluble variant.

The Benefits of Annatto Natural Colour

Apart from its primary role as a food colouring agent, Annatto Natural Colour offers various potential health benefits. These include:

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