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Acrylic Dyes

Acrylic dyes are also called Cationic Dyes. These dyes are specially designed to add colour to acrylic fiber and are widely used in industries like blankets, carpets, fur toys, and dress material. These dyes have strong tinctorial power, excellent fastness properties, and bright colors. These are mainly used for dyeing jute and acrylic.

Acrylic dyes are available in different colours including fluorescent colours.

Cationic dyes can be used in dyeing and printing on nylon and polyester bases also. Acrylic dyes are available in 2 forms, Powder Acrylic Dye and Liquid Acrylic dye. Alliance Organics LLP offers in both forms.

Dyeing a fiber often leads to making it more useful, innovative, and multipurpose. Choose a good quality acrylic dye, as these tend to improve the properties of the fiber and enhance its chemical texture. These dyes are also great for adding colors to jute and making it more interesting.

Cationic dyes are persistently used in the blanket and carpet industry. Alliance Organics LLP is the best place to buy top quality Acrylic dyes.

Alliance Organics LLP is one of the best Acrylic dye manufacturers in India. It is a great option if you want to purchase Pigments, Dyes, or any other Colourants.

Acrylic Dyes

Basic Yellow 13

Basic Yellow 28

Basic Yellow 40

Basic Red 13

Basic Red 14

Basic Red 18

Basic Red 46

Basic Violet 16

Basic Blue 3

Basic Blue 41

Basic Blue 159

Basic Black 300%

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